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Farm Museum

Agriculture has always been important for the socio-economic development of this area. Thanks to the ones who have improved and promoted countryside jobs, this area has maintained its unique characteristics, its fields and its ancient farmhouses.
The Farm Museum is situated in the building which used to be the monastery guest house. It consists of a collection of agricultural tools, kitchen tools, and carpentry objects collected from the surrounding country. Among the most interesting objects there are ancient looms, wine vats, a wooden plough, a typical cart, and several tools to make ropes.
The collection is completed by a number of photos showing the most important moments of rural life: the harvest, the straw stack, the cattle fairs, and the sowing time. There are also two interesting documents dating back to 1908 and 1932: they are the so-called "atti della stima", an analytic evaluation of each item forming the bride trousseau.